2013 Trip to UIL One-Act Play State Contest

Thanks to our supportive administration, we were granted the opportunity to take a select group of students to Austin for 3 days to view the State 4A and 5A qualifiers in the One-Act Play contest. It was a whirlwind of a trip, including watching 16 plays over 2 days. We may be stuck in a sitting position for the rest of our lives, but we had a blast and learned a lot about what amazing things high school theatre programs and their students can achieve.

Here are some thoughts from students and teachers who attended the trip (more to come as I receive them – also, send me pictures I can post here!):

“My favorite play I saw during the theatre field trip was Sweet Nothings in my Ear performed by the Lovejoy high school theatre program. It may not have been the best play ever but it was beautifully staged and acted. I really felt for the characters and it impacted me so much that I began to re-examine how I see the world and my supposed problems.”  -Nina

“Watching the state qualifiers really confirmed for me the importance of the arc of the story. All of the shows at this level were clearly sculpted and everyone knew much more than just their lines and cues – they knew what their job was in getting the story from beginning to end. It’s hard to say which was my absolute favorite, but Denton Guyer’s Lion in Winter was definitely up there. I loved their bold design and acting choices – I felt like I was watching a vicious game of musical chairs in which all the rules were made to be broken and nothing was sacred or off-limits. And I LOVE to see young actors using their bodies and voices in challenging ways. Congrats to all the schools who attended!”  -Mrs. C

Sweet Nothings In My Ear was the first and, in my opinion, the best show that we saw at State. Unlike many of the others shows, which may have been technically superior, this show had heart. Through the use of stellar acting, this show took you on a journey. It followed a family broken apart by differences that were just too great to overcome, and as you watched it, you really felt for the characters and what they were going through, which is more than I can say for any of the other shows we saw.”  -Laura


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