About Us

Our mission:

The New Horizons Theatre is comprised of both dedicated actors and technicians who strive towards improvement each and every day. As students at Little Elm High School, we wish to represent our department with pride by creating remarkable presentations we are thrilled to present to our school, our community, and communities abroad. In addition to performances, our department also provides technical services to separate departments who use our space and spaces around the school. Therefore, improvement is key to ensure that we can continue to strive for excellence today, tomorrow, and New Horizons beyond.


Rachel Carothers is the Director of Theatre at Little Elm High School. She has been involved in theatre education for eleven years and in making theatre since she was a tot. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Acting from College of Santa Fe, and is also an alum of New York University’s Experimental Theatre Wing. She has taught in school districts,  in children’s and teen theatres and has conducted workshops independently. Her theatre experience ranges from grunt tech work through design, front of house and communications/publicity management and, of course, acting and directing. Mrs. Carothers continues to work as an actress and improv performer today. She believes theatre’s role in our society is as a place of communication as well as entertainment and it is a place for students to learn about themselves as much as it is a place for them to share with their audiences.

RTARobert Aprea joins Little Elm High School Theatre Arts as the Technical Theatre Teacher. His twenty years of performing arts experience is varied across many arts organizations including opera, dance, regional and equity theatres as well as academia.  Mr. Aprea has a Master of Fine Arts degree from Texas Tech University and Bachelor of Arts from Arkansas Tech University.  He has an extensive design, management and technical theatre background. While designing scenery, lighting and sound for the stage, he has worked with students, professional staff and volunteers. His teaching emphasis is theatrical design and technical theatre.

More from Mr. Aprea: “My teaching philosophy is to provide current information and foster a creative and stimulating environment where students have the opportunity to apply what they have learned both individually and collaboratively.  It is important to provide a comfortable but disciplined environment to present information, while helping students acquire the problem solving skills they need. As instructor and mentor, I seek to help my students improve themselves as artists and individuals through a nurturing atmosphere of positive support.”


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