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Semester II

Week 17 (Jan 6 – 10) Monday No School Tuesday Warmup – Create a new Google Drive document and title it “Theatre III/IV Semester II Free-write,” enter the date and type about your Winter Vacation. Make sure to save! Think-Pair-Share: What “Integrated Arts” Mean? Give examples of products that you think reflect this model Watch Hairspray … Continue reading

Semester I

Week 1 (Aug 25 – Aug 29) Monday Warmup  – pick up a stick from Mrs. C & don’t get too cozy in your seat 😉 Bookmark Mrs. C’s Google Site & her blog Join Mrs. C’s Edmodo class Be familiar with syllabus, especially understanding grading policy Homework – Go over syllabus, including Acknowledgement Form … Continue reading

Play Review Information

Play Review Format Example of a well-written (but not perfect – can you find things that could be corrected?) play review Play Review Rubric (for graded reviews, not for ITS points) Suggested Play Reading List (ie. Classics)


Jobstacles: For teens, soft skills are hard skills Teen unemployment is at 24.4 percent, three times the national average. With opportunities so scarce, young jobseekers need to think about all the little things that could hurt their chances. How Grammar Influences Your Income Good grammar really is good business I’ve talked about the costs of poor grammar before. There … Continue reading