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Semester II

Week 17 (Jan 6 – 10) Monday No School Tuesday Warmup – Create a new Google Drive document and title it “Theatre Production Semester II Free-write,” enter the date and type about your Winter Vacation. Make sure to save! Intro 4th 6 weeks Journal Read full OAP and discuss Wednesday Warmup – Introduce student-led warmups (all … Continue reading

Semester I

Week 1 (Aug 25 – Aug 29) Monday Warmup  – pick up a stick from Mrs. C & don’t get too cozy in your seat 😉 Bookmark Mrs. C’s Google Site & her blog Join Mrs. C’s Edmodo class Be familiar with syllabus, especially understanding grading policy Need to know who wants to go to … Continue reading

Play Review Information

Play Review Format Example of a well-written (but not perfect – can you find things that could be corrected?) play review Play Review Rubric (for graded reviews, not for ITS points) Suggested Play Reading List (ie. Classics)